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Posted: January 10, 2012
Salary: 20-40 dollars

dream flacon is looking for 3d professional

Starting Date: 16/1/2012, duration - 1 year

Job details: Hello,
I am looking for some modellers to model my Unity3d game (if you donít know it, check it up now). I am offering two options.
Option 1:
We pay you $20-40 for 3 Huge Maps, 3 rockets, 3 bombs. (compatible with Unity3d)
Option 2:
We give you a percentage of the money from our game but you need to give us as much models as we what (donít worry it wonít be a lot because itís a iPhone game).

also if we saw that your models are really good we will be using you all the time so make it as professional as you can.

To contact me please add my skype name is: alduridi
if you want you can email me at alduridi@hotmail.co.uk but i may not reply fast so skype me it is better.

Thank You,
Ahmed Ė Dream Falcon Game Studios

Requirements: only 3 maps and 3 rockets and 3 bombs.

and we need it do be compatible in unity so we want it as an .fbx file.

Location: sharjah

Contact info:
email - alduridi@hotmail.co.uk
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