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Animating in B:NG

Posted: January 03, 2012
The Chronicler\'s Party is looking for Animating in B:NG

Starting Date: Upon joining/soon after, duration - Until whenever you feel like it

Job details: We're looking for aspiring 3D animators interested in the inclusion/aiding of providing animation set to storyboards and scripts based on the Bionicle storyline.
Don't let the fact we're creating films about Bionicle fool you. We're dedicated, and passionate about creating great films with great original music, voice acting, scripting, and 3D models. Plus behind the toys themselves, there is a deep and complicated story line.

We provide the models, the scripts, the storyboards, and the voices. You provide the animations. You provide the life of the project.

We're looking for moderately skilled animators looking to increase their own animation skills even more, and help make great films with us.

Requirements: A 3D animation program that (even through conversion of files) can produce animations compatible with Blender 3D.
An example of your animation work.
Passion about animating.
An open mind.

Location: Various places around the globe

Contact info:
email - bioniclenextgen@hotmail.co.uk
fax - NA
phone - NA
web site - http://bionextgen.forumotion.com/t2163-bionicle-next-generation-recruitment-topic
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