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Maya user new to/ orienting myself in Max...some questions

Posted: December 31, 2011
Hey all and happy new year. This is my first posting on this forum. Ive been just trying to familiarise myself with Max and gradually im discovering some things but i still need to figure out the basics. Im coming from Maya 2012 so someone who knows both and from an animators perspective would be ideal.

I just want to produce a basic body mechanics shot at this stage. Please forgive me if i am still thinking in MAYA mode, its just what im used to. At the moment i just have a free CAT based rig from the internet so this might differ from another kind of rig in terms of what it is intended for. Perhaps i need a different rig...

some questions:

Why no nurbs curves to control the rig? No sign of a UI. How does Max deal with quick selection? I have a skinned rig and id like to see the skin move as i animate but i cant seem to select the mesh to turn it off and i dont want to be try to select joints through a mesh. There must me a faster way to navigate the rig?

I cant see the gimbal version of the rotational axes. Does order of rotation come into play with max? I mostly work in gimbal mode in Maya, switching only for certain movements when objects are aligned in ways that require it.

When i set a key i set all controllers so in my timing pass i can cleaning adjust the spacings of my 'drawings' is there an equivalent of the shelf where i can make different custom buttom as in Maya.

If i can just get past these basic i can at least pose and set some keys. Hopefully someone out there can help.

update: have sourced a euler based rig so i have control objects, i will deal with CAT sometime down the track....but i still have this bizzarre screen in evertything but wireframe mode
Posted: February 12, 2012
Not a lot of studios use max right now. If you want ot get into modeling, learn yourself some Maya, zbrush or mudbox. For animation, Maya again and XSI