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Need Guidance on How to Start?

Posted: December 31, 2011
At present I'm pursuing my 12th, which will get finished in March.

I have good basic skills of Photoshop and mostly do Typography(Text) based conceptual work on it.
Here are some of my artwork:
burhantez . deviantart . com/gallery/ (Remove Spaces)

So I am quite confuse what should I opt for? As there are many courses and specialization in the field of Anmiation, so which one should I choose that suites my interest and has a good scope.
Posted: January 04, 2012
Wow, nice work Burhan. I think you shud go for 2d animation instead of 3d. I saw some good talent in u as far as visualisation is concerned. Good luck
Posted: January 05, 2012
Is there a good scope with 2d
or should I pursue it for the purpose that I am good with 2d?