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3D MMORPG Exaro Online is looking for developers.

Posted: December 29, 2011
Hey guys and girls, Exaro Online is a 3D MMORPG and looking for voluntary developers to work in a friendly environment.

First things first, the developer roles are all voluntary however you will be credited as a team member ect. If you looking to work in the industry gain some experience, make a portfolio or just want to do it as a hobby this is a great place to start.

Team name:
Exaro Team

Project name:
Exaro Online

Brief description:

Exaro has been in production for around 5 consecutive months (keeping in mind some of us have to work/school/college) and are currently a team of 12, some of us work freely when we have the time and treat it as a hobby, some of us work very hard daily, we are looking for both these!
The game will be a Fantasy middle age MMO, currently were pursuing it quite well and sticking close to the genre. I donít want to give away too much information at this point, however Exaro will differ to other MMOís as the story is more involved and less arbitrary alike other MMOís, Exaro will be more like a single player RPG but will the elements of a MMO, we donít want to incorporate the same old boring levelling style, so were aiming to create our own!

Remember this is a draft and English is not my best subject, were waiting for our writer to enhance and touch up on the story! Also keep in mind, this is a very large overview of the story, it does not however go anywhere close into the detail we have been adding.

Within the game there will be two major sides, Alon and Mordari, each side will have their own races. These races are only available to one side for example only Alon can be Lytan.
In addition to this there will also be a neutral faction. The neutral race will have a choice to join a side at a higher level.

The Two Sides
Two sides are currently formed of Alon and Mordari.
A long time ago all the races in Exaro lived in peace without the acknowledgement of each other however as time went past the races slowly expanded over the world thinking they were the only ones until they came across each other. The two factions both wanted to possesí power for two completely different reasons, one wanted to bring darkness to the world whilst the other wanted to bring peace and life. Because of this the two sides the ancient war began; doing anything they possibly can to destroy the opposition. Many races became extinct in the process, some hanging onto the bare edge of survival.

Throughout the war the factions split up to conquer as much land as they possibly could, however neither side has manage to completely control the world of Exaro and harness the power they desire. There are many neutral factions out there that do not wish to fight with either side such as the Skyan, this race have chosen to live out of the paths of war, however its only a matter of time before they are forced to the path of war.

As the Mordari army rises up they have became dramatically stronger and destroyed many Alon cities and claimed them as their own. The once peaceful city of Darogas was attacked by the Mordari and reduced to rubble but spared the once peaceful Darakais life in exchange of an alliance. However through this alliance the Narlon god Seros had taken control of their souls imprisoning them, thus turning them into Mordari soldiers. After Darogas was attacked by the Mordari the two last remaining major stronghold of the Alon remains, the Lytan city of <name> and the Human city of Rothmor, these are the largest and safest City for the Alon in the whole of Exaro.

The Mordari currently outnumber the Alon vastly however a large number of their population is mindless scourge whom is very reactive to many elements such as light and nature. The Narlon City of <name> is currently one of the largest and strongest cities of the Mordari and number one target of the Alon.
However unlike the Alon the Mordari have many more cities that they have conquered, but the Mordari didnít have enough reliable minions to man the cities so many have been overturned by rogue races.

Remember, we donít want to portray either races as good or bad, they should be seen as how they have been brought up and where they have lived.

The Alon are a group of races who want to bring good to the world of Exaro, they wish to bless the land and sheath the world with life. The Alon believe in equality and dislike fighting however due to the wrath of the Mordari they must do whatever they can to bring an end to them and restore the world to a state they believe is right.
The Alon currently consist of four races:

The Mordari are a group of dark factions, they seek power and to destroy those who stand in their way, making Exaro how they believe it should be. The Mordari believe in power and feel no remorse they wish to bring darkness and destruction to the world of Exaro.
Currently the Mordari also contain four races:

Target aim:
Make progress with Exaro, make it a popular game and get ourselves well know in the game community. We want to create a MMO that will be known for abolishing the boring levelling style.

Developers Needed: (I will be posting roles on multiple forums)
Concept Artists (both organic and non (Characters, weapons, armor, game icons ect)
Animators (3D, 2D animator for icons/GUI) <<<---- High priority.
3D Modellers (both organic and non) <<<--- Organic high priority.

Programmers (C#, JS(unity))
Network Programmers (C#, Photon network socket)
Video Editor (Work with our video clips to create dynamic videos)
Texture Artist (Texture creation, mapping, art direction)
Level Designers
Music Creaters/Composers

And of course anything else would be great!
Additional Information:

Unity Engine, custom backend network sockets (Within Photon network socket), Raven DB.
Currently I model/animate in Maya but other members use blender and 3Ds Max (any program is fine).
Our main language is C# but I sometimes work in JavaScript for client side just because I like the syntax

Skype: mattcscz

Additional Info:
Youtube: You can search us on youtube under "ExaroOnline"
We can tell you more about the game and show you in-depth pictures ect if you apply/add me on Skype.