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Another Avenue for 3D

Posted: December 27, 2011
Hey everyone, I'd appreciate it if you looked into Kraftwurx

Kraftwurx is a 3D printing company; essentially, Kraftwurx establishes a network of 3D printing bureaus around the world. 3D artists upload their designs on to kraftwurx, available for anyone to buy. If someone buys a model, a digital copy will be sent to a local printing bureau and that bureau will print the 3d design into a real figurine. These figurines can be made into over 42 materials, at a variety of sizes.

Artists, every time someone buys a 3D model created by you, the artist will make a commission. Uploading and selling is free! So if you were into the idea of creating a figurine based off of one of your own models, you could do it -- or if you just wanted to sell objects, you could do that as well. Artists don't have to keep inventory, worry about shipping; once a design is uploaded, that is the end of it.

Please take a look into kraftwurx, it can offer a new avenue for artists to make money.

Thanks, email me if you have questions