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Ironbelly Studios: New Positions Available

Posted: December 20, 2011
Ironbelly Studios
Hello and thanks for checking out our thread!

Ironbelly Studios is a large (30+) well managed passionate team of game professionals with a strong creative identity and experience. We provide outsourcing services to the games industry alongside developing in-house products using AAA game engine technologies like Unreal 3.

What are we working on?

Our current studio production (Anomalous) is a single player FPS. The narrative is set on a space station in distant orbit of an unknown planet. In the beginning, very clean designs, and from there we lead the player away from that to a much more dark and sinister look and feel towards the end.

Primarily, It is a FPS survival game that takes place on a space station and instead of hordes of zombies the player will be facing off against waves of robotic killing machines, some large and few, others small and many. The closest examples of gameplay style that comes to mind would be Black Ops Zombies with a dash of Dead Space. Our goals for this project are not overly ambitious, we have what we think is an exciting, attainable project that we can have up and running within 12 months.

Many of our team members have been working with collaborative teams for over 5 years and the experience working with teams who have giant ambitions for projects that never see the light of day. This has steered Ironbelly towards more realistic and achivable goals in the short term future.

Key Features:

Engaging Single player campaign with narrative
Survival FPS style gameplay, mixing the best of Killing Floor, L4D and Black Ops Zombies
Stylized Sci-Fi environments
Massive Robotic Combat
Useable environments

What sets us apart?

Some of the most talented people around…
We have some very notable people in Lead positions that ensure the entire project doesn't rest in the hands of just one person. It means the people with the most experience in their discipline help guide the workflow to be as efficient as possible.
Project Lead / Creative Director: Ryan Wiancko
Audio Lead / Creative Director: Nick Dixon
Art Director: Roland Brown
Programming Lead: Wizzard~Of~Ozz
Lead Level Designer: Jason Spencer


We have multiple voice conferences each week to keep the team focused, galvanized and on track. Once a week we have a team wide asset review meeting going over key concepts and the weeks assets that were finished. All ideas are welcomed in our meetings and thoroughly considered. We have 4 other teamspeak meetings during the week to confer with department leads about department specific progress and workflow. Outside of that we manage communications through our internal forums and instant messaging facilities.

Project Management System

All tasks are scheduled, tracked and managed within a sophisticated server side Project Management site. Deadlines are set and agreed upon and the tasks are laid out in advance so that we can plan the project as a whole and then narrow down on a smaller scale once we figure out how best to fit the work together.

Content and Communication Management System (CMS)

Our custom built CMS allows us to keep all of our new content as organized as possible while allowing group discussions to spring naturally around the latest content being produced. Within it's walls are our forums, our image/video/audio galleries, our wiki and documentation.

Lead Positions Available

3D Department Lead
2D Department Lead

Artist Positions Available

3D Environment and Prop Artists
3D Animators
Texture Artists
2D Concept Artists
Video Editor

Applicant Skills

Excellent communication skills with the ability to take and give critiques
Ability to collaborate effectively with designers and programmers.
Solution oriented and proactive
Can work to meet deadlines and effectively manage your own time

Head over to www(dot)ironbellystudios(dot)com to check out our artist portfolio.
Email: talent(at)ironbellystudios(dot)com to apply