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Implemening 3d Unity Engine

Posted: December 17, 2011
I'm in a team of developers/producers and what we need is an expert of 3d modelling. We're able to develop scripts and we've already a web-designer, but we'd like to implement the Unity 3D engine. We need to import existing 3D models or eventually to create new others with one of the 3d modelling programs compatible. We'd like to have some support for the Unity 3D scripts.
We don't need a full-time work, but the project must be completed in a range of time of six months, with an hour based payment.
Who were seriously interested can send an email to fabio(.)bonelli(@)gmail(.)com.
Generally, how many hours could a programmer spend to develop a humanoid model of 2000-5000 polygons and the animation of a simple walking of the model? How much could this type of work cost? We need a qualitative analysis (orders of magnitude).
Thank you for the support.