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Looking for 3d modellers / animators for two distinct games

Posted: December 15, 2011
Hello all -

I am writing here in hopes of finding some 3d modellers and animators for two game projects that I am working on. These are not paid positions, but excellent portfolio fodder. The games that this would be for are going to be free releases and will likely not be making money in the near future. Perhaps someday, but I cannot give any promises of cash at this point. If you are still interested, please read on for what I am looking for for each game:

Game 1 -

A full 3d open world game set in space. There are obviously more details, but that is the jist of it. This is not an action space game, so there will be no direct piloting of ships. In terms of models and animation, it is mostly going to be vehicular. Space ships of different sizes and shapes, along with space stations, asteroids, and other random 'space' things. In addition to the ships, there is a need for items on these ships such as weapons, radar, engines, etc. which I am hoping to have animated.
This game is well thought out in terms of gameplay and goals, but it does not have a distinct style. Any modeller for this game would most certainly have to have an impressive imagination and sense of style, such that ships from a single faction match a distinct theme. Out of the two games, this one is definitely more open to interpretation by the artist. I want to be able to provide feedback of course, but generally the art style would be up to you. These may be highly detailed models and LOD knowledge would be useful.

Game 2-

A turn based, "WEGO" strategy game. This one is set within a confined space, so except for a few things the modeller would not need to do much environment creation. It works on the concept of having building blocks that are arranged into levels. So making a model for 1 building block a piece is fine and it will be arranged via code. However, this game requires humanoid soldiers, weapons, and all of their animations. The animations are going to be blended (for moving and shooting, for instance) so good animation skills are essential. These are not high poly models as there will be plenty of them, but I am looking for something with personality. I don't want boring shooter guys, but rather interested characters for different classes of soldier.

IF anyone is interested, please PM me or write me an email from my account. If there are any questions, please let me know and I can answer them. I know these game ideas sound vague, but they are fully formed and coding has already begun on both.

If interested, you may email marcintasz (at) gmail (dot) com. If you have any questions you may also use this email.