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Posted: December 15, 2011
Daemonic Games is looking for 3D Modelers

Starting Date: When available , duration - Until the game is made (and longer)

Job details: Hello,
My name is Josh Docking, and I am the Head Writer for Daemonic (demonic by pronunciation) Games. We are a small business, non-commercial until the commercial license is available, and we need more artists for our game project. It is a fps, adventure type game based in Australia. We are looking for 3D Modelers because currently, our 3D modeler is not very good at making characters and some other models, as well as the fact that if we get more people, the game will come out sooner, and better to. For more information, just ask.

Post here if you are interested with:

Artistic Talent/requested job:
Previous/Current/Example of work:
Familiarity with: (programs)
Experience Level with above:
Age (non-discriminant, just curious):
Country (same as above):

Requirements: Must have Skpye

Location: World Wide

Contact info:
email - goboy3133@daemonicgames.com
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Posted: December 23, 2011
3d artist gallery OpalEyes Angel
Name: Amy M
Artistic Talent/requested job: 3D modeler (character)/ Concept Artist
Previous/Current/Example of work: youtube OpalEyes9's Channel
Familiarity with: MAYA, Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects
Experience Level with above: Highly Skilled
Age (non-discriminant, just curious): 25
Country (same as above): USA

I am very interested in helping!
Posted: March 20, 2012
Hello all! Josh Docking here, just letting you know that the Job requested above has been filled. Thank you for all you for all of your applications.