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How to Get a Job in Computer Animation

Posted: March 24, 2005
3d artist gallery Andyba
How to Get a Job in Computer Animation?
Posted: December 26, 2005
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Admin wrote:
How to Get a Job in Computer Animation?

I am not sure if you understood what i meant, but i know that was not it.
Posted: February 21, 2006
There are several things you have to do to get a job in computer animation

You have to be really good. The CG industry is evolving really fast and you have to keep up with it. What was a standard 3 years ago today is no longer good enough to get a job. With Z brush, normal maps and improved UV mapping algorithms the standards for 3d character creation have raised considerably. One have to know anatomy and must have really good painting skills to obtain acceptable results.

You have to be visible. Create an on-line portfolio. Post your work in forums and ask for critique, it will help you improve your skills as well. Send your demo reel to as many places as possible.

Specialize Not always true but in most cases you will easier find a job if you specialize. It is usually better to be really good in one thing then do a lot of things that are bellow the necessary standards. Though there are companies especially among game development companies that require universal 3d artists that can model, texture and animate, in high end 3D animation production specialization is still necessary to be good enough.

Compose a good CV - well that's is quite evident. You need a well written resume. It is sometimes enought to have a resume and some really good images sent to different potential employers by email to get a job.