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Animators for theBlu job

Posted: December 05, 2011
Salary: Varies

Wemo Media is looking for Animators for theBlu

Starting Date: Today, duration - Till the end of time

Job details: Hello!

This is not really a "job", but I wasn't sure where else to post this. My name is Hugh McGinley and I am the community manager for Wemo Media, creators of theBlu (theblu.com) (currently in beta). For those of you who don't know, theBlu is a global collaboration to put the ocean on the web - an interactive world where every species and habitat is a unique work of art created by digital artists and developers around the world, as a social online experience.

We're looking to invite more animators to theBlu in order to get new/different animations for the swimming species we have, as well as for new species in the making (both swimming and seabed species). We'd also like to get the animation community more involved on the forums, helping other animators new and old alike, since there's a lot of questions unanswered and feedback desired out there. If you think that you'd be interested in checking theBlu out, please request an invite or email me directly at (hugh@wemomedia.com) and let me know you're interested in contributing to the project.

Quick benefits for working on theBlu include obtaining feedback from top-notch animators/artists such as Andy Jones (Avatar), Takahiko Akiyama (Final Fantasy), Richard Taylor (Tron), and Kevin Mack (What Dreams May Come), high traffic exposure from members all across the globe, you can contribute to ocean-related charities, and you will get paid!

For everyone else (modelers, texture artists, composers, etc.), please feel free to check out theBlu as well, as every artist, or Maker as we call them, is allowed to create assets for theBlu. For more information, go to theblu.com, then sign up for the beta.

Thanks to everyone for your time and consideration. We look forward to the possibility of working with each and every one of you.


Hugh McGinley

Community Manager


Requirements: Animation skills

Location: Anywhere

Contact info:
email - hugh@wemomedia.com
web site - theblu.com
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