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Layout Supervisor job

Posted: December 01, 2011
Salary: Negotiable

Picture This Studio is looking for Layout Supervisor

Starting Date: ASAP, duration - 1 year plus

Job details: Your main responsibility is to help us recruit and subsequently lead a new layout team of 10 Layout Artists, 3 modelers and 2 riggers as they provide Rough Layout and Final Layout for an animated TV series for a world-famous brand. Your team will produce layout for all episodes through the three seasons currently planned. We will arrange for your accommodation, visa and work permit,
and we will cover your travel expenses.

Requirements: At least 3+ years as a Layout Supervisor

You are a highly experienced layout artist and a natural leader with an excellent track record as a Layout Supervisor for animated TV series and/or feature films. You know how to inspire and supervise a team of layout artists for superior results and blazing team chemistry.

An artist by heart, you strive for layout perfection, motivating your people to deliver great output and raise their game. Finally, your solid English communication skills help you direct your team
and ensure that every animated episode is a work of art.

Location: Bangkok, Thailand

Contact info:
email - kaywood.mango@gmail.com
phone - 0815599569
address - Bangkok, Thailand
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