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3D Modeller/Animator for a robot game

Posted: November 26, 2011
Errantgames is looking for 3D Modeller/Animator for a robot game

Starting Date: 26/11/11, duration - 1 week

Job details: Hi, I am a game developer in need of a model urgently for a project that will be due by the second week of December. The model has to come with rigging and is below 2000 poly. A modelling sheet has already been prepared and will be provided if you are interested in the project. Although we list profit share, we are willing to pay if you can deliver the model quickly and satisfactorily. The price can be discussed.

We are using the Unity game engine to build the game so most 3D software is possible although we favor Maya. If you have experience with Unity this would be perfect.

You can reach me via PM or at my email, roborush11 at gmail dot come.

Requirements: - 3D Model of Robot (Spec provided)
- Rigged
- Below 2000 poly
- Parts saved as Quads
- Need ASAP. Before DEC 30th.

- Bonus: Able to do animation (schedule and pay discussed separately for animation)

Location: Asia

Contact info:
email - roborush11@gmail.com
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