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Posted: November 25, 2011
salendir is looking for 3D Modeller

Job details: Did anybody here like Heroes of Might and Magic III?
We're making a new mod for it which will add new town and we need a modeller. Of course that all credits should go to yourself.
This has big fan base, but only few of them are modellers, and everybody is waiting for some mod with new town, so you will be known by lots of people. If nothing else, then you may practise your skills.
If you want to take part of our project, please e-mail me at thefungangsterloya@gmail.com
Please think about it.

P.S.:We are looking only for talented modellers. We want to make a good mod :-)

Location: Worldwide

Contact info:
email - thefungangsterloya@gmail.com
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