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Topology, r triangles and five sided polygons really so bad

Posted: November 14, 2011
I know in an ideal world the topology of my models should comprise nothing but square polygons.

however I feel im spending an inordinate amount of time trying to achieve this perfect mesh, and im not really sure that there is any point.
As best I can, I always smoothly, any triangles and five sided polygons into flowing edges and try to keep them away from parts of the model that will be significantly deformed during animation e.g. arm & leg joints.
the subdivision modifiers within 3d max don't seem to have any problems handling this imperfect topology.

So I guess im asking am I getting hung up over nothing?
do you professional modellers have these same imperfections and its just my mistaken belief u create a perfect mesh every time?
Posted: November 15, 2011
It's really hard to make perfect mesh. Especially for organics. I never leave five sided polygons on my model but triangles I do. Usually after spending some time on thinking I find some possibility to avoid triangles but sometimes there just is no way. If this doesn't look bad in animation then there's no problem.