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Modeler(s) needed for sci-fi short film.

Posted: November 04, 2011
We are currently looking for one or more modelers and/or texture artists to produce the following elements for a 25 minute short film currently in production:

Space ship for exterior photography, high detail. Basic design is done need someone to execute that design in a 3D model and detail it.

Space ship for exterior photography, low detail. (a background ship seen only in long shots.)

Interior cargo bay of principle space ship. Basically four walls, ceiling, floor, doors, and seating along two walls. This is a high detail set and will be used for match moving with a practical camera.

Interior flight deck of principle space ship. Three person flight deck with canopy (like an F-18 but about twice the size.)

Some slightly futuristic building extensions (floors 2-4) for addition atop wide shots in practical locations.

This is a "resume builder" project that is targeted for sci-fi and comic con festivals. All crew and talent are all volunteer. Producer/Director already has "best short film" honors for previous work in another genera and is looking to move into sci-fi market. Principle photography is underway.

You will receive a DVD or BRD copy plus high res versions of shots containing your models for demo real. This film will NOT be released on the internet for several years due to festival circuit requirements however you will be allowed to publicly post excerpts to your demo reels. Trailers including your work will be posted to IMDB and various other sites as appropriate for marketing.

All composting will be done in Eyeon Fusion with PFMatch for match moving. We anticipate necessary pre-rendering will be accomplished in LW-10 but we are open to discussing Maya. Editing will be done on Avid Media Composer. We don't care what modeler you use as long as the models and textures are set up for import to LW (or Maya).

Please PM or post here if interested.

Thank you for your consideration.
Posted: November 14, 2011
obviously spam. Is there a way to report this poster?