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"SketchSphere" - Evaluation Help :)

Posted: November 02, 2011

As a part of my final year project, it is mandatory to carry out a research project on a framework that will facilitate end users to virtually design a garden. Therefore, I need some help with expert evaluation on my final year project “SketchSphere” - A Flexible Framework for Garden Design and Development.

The survey can be found at - sketchsphere/3davesurvey (Please note that "sketchsphere" is a website and I'm unable to add links because i'm new to this forum)

To further elaborate on the research project, the framework will allow end users to design and place elements (3D models E.g. COLLADA) onto the garden providing the flexibility to explore the environment virtually.

Thus, the following survey is carried out to gather information which will aid the project to a success. This survey will take approximately 5-10 minutes to complete. I assure that the data obtained from this survey will not be used for any other purpose.

P.S - Just to add some academic reference, my name is Pavan Welihinda and I’m an undergraduate student, following the BEng.(Hons) Software Engineering degree program at Informatics Institute of Technology, which is affiliated with the University of Westminster.

Thanks Smile

Note: Please pass this on to people who're in the domains of 3D animation and Visual Effects.
Posted: November 02, 2011
Hey guys i hope you can help me on this survey as you'll are very experienced with 3D related work.