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"Time Avengers" an action/adventure TV Series idea

Posted: November 01, 2011
Hi guys just thought we'd showcase our idea for a new action/adventure TV Series called Time Avengers.

The show idea came about after 3 professional feature film animators got together with a load of ideas we were excited about. After filling countless sketch pads with concept art and discussing it for months whilst still working, we decided we'd leave our jobs for 8 months to actually give the project enough time to become a reality.
We setup one of our front rooms as our studio, filled with cheap Ikea furniture and any computers we could get our hands on for free, and got stuck into the rewarding journey of creating our vision in the form of a Pitch Package.

The following is a small segment of one episode to roughly demonstrate the filmic style and look that the show could have:

The aim of this project was to show the potential of the show and also how an expensive look could be achieved on a relatively low budget with few artists.
The entire pitch package includes a fully realised Pitch Bible with concept art, episode synopsis, character artwork, back stories and story arcs and was created in just 8 months with the additional assistance of:
Musician: Chris Hill
Voice actors: Tim Dickinson / Suzy McLintock

We hope you enjoy it, and we'd love to hear your thoughts and comments about how the show could becoem a reality.

We'd like to talk to anyone interested in developing Time Avengers or it's IP further through:
TV Series - Video Game - Toys - Comics etc...

Thank you for watching.
Posted: November 03, 2011
3d artist gallery Andyba
Hi, Wireroom
Welcome to the forum and thanks for posting.
I added the video to your post.
Great work by the way!
I really enjoyed it and hope you will find someone who will help you make this show a reality.
Posted: November 03, 2011
Very nice concept. I hope we get to see more of that Smile