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3d model of carved elements

Posted: October 26, 2011
At this site you can buy a 3d model of carved elements, such as:
Carved arches, carved moldings, carved coats of arms, carved capitals, carved cartouches, carved brackets, carved decorative plates, carved legs, carved mirror frames, carved floral designs, carved panels, carved rosettes, decorative, carved corner units, decorative carved pillars, carved flowers and other carved items.

Full price of 3d models you will find on our website www.3d-modeli.com

There you will find a system of discounts and a full list of models.

To order a model, contact us by e-mail and ICQ on this site and place an order through an automated system.
ICQ: 642118440
Email: stl-modeli@yandex.ru
Skype: modeli3d

We will wait on you wishes and orders.
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