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3D Artists/Modelers needed for MMO

Posted: October 25, 2011
Darren Cruikshank
Origins of Malu is a mmo/rpg that is currently in progress and in need of 3d artists/modelers.

Team name:
Burning Dog Media

Project name:

Brief description:
This project has been in the works for one year now and we have met our goals of a prototype. We are now moving forward with our indie release side of the project. We have a great team dynamic at this point and an estabished management framework supporting this project.

Target aim:
Retail Release 2012

The compensation will be based on a revenue sharing model, we are looking for investors currently but the formula which we also provide signed agreements before you start is (Time in * Skill Rate = % of Shares that Burning Dog owns in the Origins Project)

- Hero Engine
- Maya/Max
- Etc

Talent needed:

- 2D Artists - Icon design / UI Design / Concepts
- 3D Modelers - Environmental / Character
- Programmers / Mobile Developers (IOS / Andriod / Windows 7 Mobile)
- Animators - Character / Environmental
- Website Designer
- Scripters / Engineers

Team structure:
We have a fairly large team which meets weekly (we actually have meetings every night but there is only 2 required meetings per week).

Team Roles

- Lead Designer (Dev / World)
- Lead Designer (Art Director)
- Business Development (CMA)
- Investor Management (CMA)
- Animators
- Riggers
- Modelers
- Developers (Coders)
- World Designers
- Writers
- Concept Artists
- Project Managers
- Project Analyst
- Composer
- Sound Designers
- Quality management / Testing

Origins MMO Website

Skype ID: TKACID - Mike D.

Skype ID: TKSTUBERT - David C.

Email Contact - mdunham (at) burningdog (dot) com
Previous Work by Team:
Previous titles from members include Force Unleashed 2 / Epic Mickey / Terra / War hammer / Blade and Soul as well as other AAA and indie titles.

Additional Info:

Burning Dog Media is looking for pro or semi pro talent to invest their time in an aggressive project. We are looking for an average of 20 hrs a week, matching the dedication and commitment by current contributors supporting the project. BDM recognizes that life and the regular job may occasionally takes precedence but expect people to be serious and professional about this commitment.