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FX, Animator, Concept artist for 3 month portfolio builder

Posted: October 17, 2011
I'm a 5 year industry game dev designer/programmer working with a great group of modlers, jr. designers, and writers on a personal indie project. I've shipped a title or two based on others' ideas, but doing something of my own. Our project is a quick 3 month dev cycle making a mech shoot-em-up for PC / IOS similar to Gattling Gears and Bastion. It's on the Unity platform where the art pipeline is really nice.

The moddlers are terrific to work with, and we need a team animator to wave the magic wand letting their metal titans of destruction come to life.

We've made up a nice pitch doc and are currently taking that to the next level making the Game Design Document for show and tell. We need an aspiring concept artist to visually unify the artists' efforts and work with the art lead to fill out the Art bible. Further concept art efforts are for all the environmental pieces and characters.

Lastly this is a FX heavy game with power-ups, missiles, lasers, and lots & lots of "cow bell" fire, sparks, and explosions. We need a FX artist to add that sparkle to light up a players face with glee as they press the "max launch" button.

A portfolio of past accomplishments is at www(.)kylegarner(.)com. Interested parties should PM me with a little bit of their past experience. We're happy to share our pitch doc.

What's in it for you? Quick shiney portfolio pieces and a polished team game is always something to show off. If nothing else it never hurts having worked with game devs with lots of contacts who can introduce you around at GDC.