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TOSMI 2011 - A training course for Blender

Posted: September 29, 2011
Hi there,
For the fifth year the TOSMI courses for 3D animation will take place in Sofia, Bulgaria this November. TOSMI stands for Training in Open Source Multimedia Instruments and is the only full length professional training course for 3D animation with Blender in Europe.

Blender is an open source software for 3D CGI, covering the entire production pipeline - modelling, character set up, texture/shading, lighting, rendering and compositing, special effects. Since its release, the current 2.5 version has been gaining popularity among professionals in the fields of 3D animation, moviemaking, and 3D design and is equal in quality and stability to the welknown commercial softwares.

TOSMI offers two separate hands-on training courses, each of which lasts 6 days (8 hours mixed theory and practice daily). Participants team up in groups to work on projects, covering the entire production process from script to rendering.

General Blender: Proffesional 3D Animation with Blender. October 31 – November 5, 2011

The course is designed to introduce professionals from the audiovisual industry to the benefits and possibilities of an open source pipeline in audio-video production. It is the leading professional training course for Blender taught by the best Blender animators and film directors.

The programme covers: rigging and rig retargeting, compositing, multilayer and multipass rendering, character setup, interactions and advanced animation.

Advanced Blender: Integration and Visual Effects with Blender. November 7 – 12, 2011

Visual effects using CGI, so common in big-budget films, have also recently become accessible to the low-budget productions. In response to the growing tendency of 3D integration in film, TOSMI 2011 offers the course 3D Integration and Visual Effects with Blender.
With the recent developments during the Google Summer of Code 2011 it is now possible to import footage into Blender, track it and calculate a virtual camera from that, so that you can place 3d elements in it. After creating a stable camera-track you’ll learn how to place objects into the footage by using Blender’s renderlayers and the compositor. The workshop also covers how to do 2d tracking, masking, stabilization and 3d-reconstruction of the scene. That will enable you to do all your VFX work right inside Blender without the need for external applications.

The trainers these year are:

Bassam Kurdali (film director, USA)

Sebastian Koening(3D artist, Germany)

Miroslav Brozovic (3D artist, Croatia)

Veselin Zografov (sound designer, Bulgaria)

Each course has 14 places. The training will take place in the four star Dedeman Hotel in Sofia.

There are full and partial scholarships available to cover all the expenses (tution fees, accomodation, lunches).

If you want to join the TOSMI feel free to visit our website www,tosmi,org and fill in the application form. For further questions you can contact us at info(at)tosmi,org
Posted: February 29, 2012
what's the difference between youtube tutorials an the trainings? just curious
Posted: April 19, 2012
Interesting, could we get more qualifications on the trainers?