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DarkLionGames needs 3D artists, Environment artists, & M

Posted: September 18, 2011
We, at Dark Lion Games are in need of 3D artists, Environment artists, Character Artists, Texture artists, etc (more roles available).
We are working hard on our first demo which will demonstrate our game to others and hopefully land us funding.

The game is based on a first person horror adventure genre; think of as a mix of: Amnesia Dark descent - Bioshock - Silent Hill - Metal Gear Solid.

We have 13 people in the team, most of us which are active working 24/7 via Skype. We also have a lot of fun and banter; so you will be welcome to join in.
You need to be able to do work to the standard of the images below or better.

Seeking Serious Artist only! Must submit at least a concept or medium prop every 3 days. This is a Royalty based project, that means no payment until the project funds itself.

Full Project Details here: Royalty need more artists.... and character art you MUST SEE - Epic Games Forums

Contact us at:

onur [at] blaz3d [dot] com
mobile_ai [at] yahoo [dot] com
Project and Images here: (Will take you to UDK Forums post):

tinyurl [dot] com/6bjh2s8

Do NOT apply on the thread please.