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Cinemtic Trailer Project

Posted: September 14, 2011
Hi my name is Eliot and Im looking for a team of visual affects and animation artist. I just got permission from Lucasarts to do cinematic short. To avoid the starwars copyright law, I can not produce anything related to starwars to make a profit. So this project a volunteer project, but ill pay if necessary. Just rememeber I am not made of money. Also im getting the autodesk programs to do the animation as well. This project is related to a guild I created for a starwars game coming out. This guild is a Business extraise for me. Thats why I am doing task such as the one I am explaining. I talked to Blur studios the other day, and they couldnt do it for free of course. They would need half a million dollars and up to do a three to six minute short. Beacuse its hard to come up that type of money fast and not worth something you can not make profit from; I want to find a team who is intersted in doing this with me. I already have a plot in mind just not on paper. Reply if intersted with my project.