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Austin, Tx 3d Animator/Designer looking for work/experience

Posted: September 07, 2011
Hi, my name is Nick Hester. I'm a "hobbyist" 3d Animator/Designer wanting to become a "professional" 3d Animator/Designer. Smile

I'm currently an English teacher in South Korea, but I'll be moving back to Austin, Tx in the coming months. I received a BS in Electronic Media (video production) in 2007.

I'm looking for any companies or people in Austin, Texas to make connections with. I'd love to work alongside some people for personal experience, and hopefully to help someone out as well.

Of course, I'd be open to anyone outside of Austin as well.

Here's my website:

nickhester.blogspot [dot] com/2011/06/3d-animation [dot] html
Posted: November 23, 2011
Just to update, I'm in Austin now. Please contact me!
Posted: November 23, 2011
Posted: February 19, 2012
Looking for a game model rigger/animator to work with on an ongoing basis. Most models will already have full texture maps, we are just looking for a reliable individual to work with on a regular basis. We have quite a few projects on deck, so we would be willing to offer straight pay per model or profit sharing percentages per project for the right person. Please contact me ASAP if interested. We have the work already queued up, just haven't been successful finding a reliable partner! Drop me a line if you think you may be interested. zervin at mobilwerx dot com(pany)
Posted: May 17, 2012
Thanks for link info. Interesting to know starting salary for an animator.
Posted: May 24, 2012
Hi! Sorry about the late reply! I hadn't checked this post in a while...

@jenalove, I don't hold an official position as an animator, so I don't know exactly what a full-time animator makes. I'm sure a quick google search for "animator starting salary" will turn something up. Smile

For anyone else, please just email me directly at the above email address if you'd like to contact me. Thanks!
Posted: September 25, 2012
Just wanted to update that I'm still available as a freelance 3d modeller, renderer, or animator. I've been doing lots of freelance in my spare time! Check the link to my website for some recent work!