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Question about Texturing for game models

Posted: September 01, 2011

I got question, if you are modelling for games then i shouldn't use v-ray materials and stuff like that, right? I should just paint my textures on model with photo-shop(i prefer that).
Here's my one model with textures i made:
See? They always end up so cartoonish Razz Is there any example by someone that can show how he made real cool shiny metal?

Posted: September 03, 2011
Wow no answers at all.. But nvm i learned some bump mapping witch helped a lot Razz
Posted: June 25, 2012
3d artist gallery Andyba
It all depends on the Game engine and what shaders it supports. Old Game engines can't simulate metal shaders so you have to paint everything on your textures, like rust and bumps that would make them objects like metallic.