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Soulz Inc. Programming and Gaming Studios

Posted: August 30, 2011
Soulz Inc.
Dylan Dodds here talking about Soulz Inc. Game Development. Soulz Inc. is a free programming group for teenage developers who are looking for new members who want to learn to work with an online programming team to develop top-notch games. The group was started by myself in October, 2007, when I decided I wanted to not only program, but learn to work as a CEO for a future company I had in mind.

Currently our main goal is to find some new Graphic Developers for our 3d section. Now I can't teach a whole lot in 3d design, since I personally don't know too much. But we offer resources and programs that we get from donations, such as Autodesk's 3ds max and Poser.

You are probably wondering: "What's in it for me?". Well like I said before, you get resources from donations we get. However, Our business will be making money off of our current game (which is a WIP), Project Vector. Usually all the items and ranks would cost money, all developers that contribute to this game get everything for free. Expansions, releases, disks, etc.

Anyways, Enough about the business and on to the game. Project Vector, our current game, is being programmed using C# and Javascript using Unity3d Pro. The game plot revolves around an "Evil Corp.", Soulz Inc. (Named after us). The Corporation is try to develop a new world, Vector, which in their point of view is "the perfect world". However, developing this new world would involve destroying the current world to make sure human error will no longer exist to ruin this new world. So a team, called the Resistance , has form together in a last chance for the survival of mankind. Players may choose there teams, Soulz Inc. or Resistance.

~If you are interested in joining please contact me by email
SoulzStudios( @ )gmail( dot )com --- no () or spaces

Send any question to my inbox, email, or in a comment below