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Star Trek of Gods and Men: SE 3D Modeling/Animation/Comp

Posted: August 29, 2011
The visual effects crew for Star Trek: Of Gods And Men, Special Edition, with permission from Producer Sky Conway, and Renegade Studios, is looking for a few good dedicated men and women to volunteer to do cgi Modeling, Compositing, Animating, and Other post production VFX needs.

This is an opportunity to work with high caliber talents, Senior Modelers, Roland Baron, and Wil Jaspers and Industry veteran, Visual Effects Supervisor; Chris Dawson and Art Director: Scott Nakada. This is a friendly environment that will push and help hone your skills. The quality bar is set very high, and we are seeking individuals who have a passion and dedication for CGI modeling, and a reliable and dependability to see the film through to completion. If you feel you can fit the billet, and are willing to commit to a recognized project, contact us with your finest works on your demo reel for a chance to work on the re-release of: Of Gods And Men.