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Royalties. Modelers/animators/texturer's needed.

Posted: August 27, 2011
Ok so we are gathering people for our little project and we are kind of missing of people who work with 3d models and textures. Any way here is our hiring project

The plot has been updated so that is kind of old one. Anyway If game will sell good you will get some amount of money as those are royalties. But for now i will be honest i can't guarantee nothing. If despite of all that you want to contribute to our project we will be glad to have you in our team.

So if you are intrested leave your email and skype account. Thank you.

P.S. I can't put link of our request post on UDK forums. So basicly it is a free roam, zombie game. Player starts out of the city and makes his way to the city. He discover's about disatster and tries to survive. Also we will have some survivor's groups. Some of them will be enemies. So basicly this is it. We did not wanted to make deeper storie for now because we want our city to be finished first. Than we make quests and go on with story.