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Blue shift source

Posted: August 27, 2011
Blue shift source dev team is looking for Blue shift source

Job details: Hello everyone,

Guard Duty is a total Source remake of Half-Life: Blue shift.
Our goal is to bring the original experience to the new level. With imporved gameplay, physics and and stunning graphics you will be able to ut your feet in the shoes of Barney Calhoun, a security guard at the Black Mesa Research Facility.

Currently, we are looking for new people, who would like to contribute to the project (for free). We are hiring on all positions, but below is top priority list of what we are looking for. Don\'t hesitate to apply!

1) 3D artist (Props/weapons/characters)

Our team is in need of several 3D artists. We look for everyone, weapon modeler, character modeler or prop modeler!
- Be skilled in 3D Modeling Tools like 3D Studio Max, Zbrush or Mudbox
- Be able to produce weapons, characters, props and/or environment models at our request.
- Prop modeler must be able to compile his models.
- Being able to unwrap and skin models is required on prop modelers.
- Be dedicated to his/her work
- be able to work within the team

2) Environmental texture artist

We are looking for people, who will deliver us new texture assets for the evnironment.
- Be skilled with Photoshop
- Know how to work with normal, bumb and specular maps.
- Being familiar with Source material system is required!
- (Be able to compile their own textures into vmt and vtf files ready for in-game use.)

3) Other artists

- Sky artist
- Concept artist
- Sound artist
- Animator

Why should you join us?

It is always helpful when you can show your employees a portfolio with several arts if you want to work as a professional in the game industry.

We are a dynamic team of level designers, 3D/2D artists, concept artists, with members all over the world.

If interested, send a mail to: MR.sugar@seznam.cz

Or show us your work on our forum: http://www.blueshiftsource.com/community/

I thank you for your time.


Location: All over the world

Contact info:
email - nextgenerationstudios@hotmail.be
web site - http://www.blueshiftsource.com/community/
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