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A Little Ange

Posted: August 24, 2011
Hello guys

I'm a compleet newb in creating 3D models, and i've tried it by myself a couple of times but it just dosn't work the way i want it to be..
So i'm asking it to you guys,

I'm realliy looking for some1 who can create a little 3d angel

Now my question is can some1 creat something what looks alot like a little small angel and has a yellow cirkel above his head (Like angels have) I would really realy really like that.. The color of the little guy can be white ;$

thnq in advantage
Posted: August 25, 2011
If I get time to burn, I will see what I can do.

Email me a picture or two.

EMC (dot) 3D (dot) Arts (at) gmail (dot) com