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3D character modeler needed

Posted: August 22, 2011
BlackMagicWolf Productions is looking for 3D character modeler needed

Starting Date: As soon as possible, duration - Guaranteed at least 10 models needed

Job details: Hello my name is Todd and I represent BlackMagicWolf Productions.

Currently we are in the process of making a prototype for a video game and we are in need of a 3D character modeler to help move the project along. We have 10 characters that need to be modeled.

These will need to be detailed and textured models, concept art of the characters will be provided.

This at the moment is a non-paying job, there may be a chance for payment later but that is not a guarantee.If anyone is interested please email me wolfpack508@aol.com we some prior character work.

I thank you for your time.

Requirements: Must be able to OBJ export the model so that we can take a full look at them, or if you use Maya just send over a mb file.

Location: No relocation is required, you can do this from home and send me the finished wor.

Contact info:
email - wolfpack508@aol.com
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