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3D SCanning Services

Posted: August 21, 2011
We provide 3D Scanning of physical objects which can be imported as *.stl into any software and further work on Rendering can be made.
This will save a lot of modeling time and effort. Accuracies are also very high and you will get high detail of features.
This is suitable for Prismatic & freeform shapes as well.
Do contact me for more info.
Posted: August 26, 2011
3D scanning is to examine a real-world object or environment to collect data on its shape and possibly its appearance such as color.
Posted: October 28, 2019
Do you have a website or something? to find out more about you?
There's some lists on web with companies who do such services.
Like this particular map: https://www.artec3d.com/3d-scanning-services Maybe you also might be listed there.
Posted: November 09, 2019
Can you explain more about yourself and where are you?

Have you a link or website?
Posted: September 05, 2022
Marveen Joee
adarshachar, The 3d scanning of physical objects is not enough to render anything you want to do model etc.. for more detail you can see: https://usetangent.com/services/3d-scanning-services/
Posted: May 19, 2023
having high accuracy and capturing detailed feature is certainly is important for my application, especially when dealing with prismatic and freeform shapes. I hope this service https://dgbrefrigeration.com.au/ will be valuable for individual and business in industries.