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Martian Worlds: A new MMORPG using Hero Cloud

Posted: August 09, 2011
I have a proposition: The Hero Engine team (HeroEngine,com) has opened the doors to a few people looking to create MMO games (and meet certain criteria), and I managed to grab one of the licenses during the 24 hour window a couple weeks back. The server is configured and ready, and I'm just studying the scripting more in-depth. First let me start by saying I can do a lot of it all by myself, but I'm only one person, and I don't want to spend a few months to go live when I can get help to do it faster (and most likely better). The Hero Engine license I'm getting means I can start at NO COST (I have no money to invest at all). They will take 30%, and the developer gets %70, though I'm trying not to charge a subscription if I can avoid it. I'm not sure how many artists I will want on board to help, but if interested, please reply for more info. Perhaps we can negotiate something that would interest you (credit to your work, time limited royalty, an amount I could owe to you, perhaps a combination of each...). Myself, I used to be on the team developing the 3D editor and engine for Visual3D,net, and have lots of game building experience from past years.

We will be building a universe, and you'll be able to help sculpt whatever planet you can dream of. Visiting worlds and finding new ways to fight against the nano-bot composite enemies is the core of the game, but there will be sub-games as well as part of the various missions. Unless you know HeroScript I'll be doing the coding so don't worry, or you can learn it also if you feel ambitious. Once I have the art, I can do most everything else (including the music and effects).

Base on how Hero Cloud works (as do most MMOG systems), I will be creating "areas". Each "area" will be handled by different servers for load balancing. My thought currently is to have one area per star system, and one area for each planet terrain (planets will be orbiting their stars in real time). The user selects a plant to land on, and the scene fades into the player descending from the atmosphere (if any). The player flies upwards to leave the atmosphere in order to leave the planet. Once in space, at any time, the player can pull up the 3D star map to fly elsewhere.
Where to land?: When a player comes to an object to land on, a menu of available landing sites will be presented - this allows the addition of more new sites at a later time (unless it is a very small planet, or moon, in which case there will be only one selection). Once selected, the system will fade and switch to landing mode, and the player will control descent onto the terrain. There's a short intro story also, PM me for the link.

There are the enemies also, but that's not until a bit later on. I need to get the character selection part completed, setup the HUD, work on the map and navigations, and some effects, including object creation. Once I can select a player and move/fly around, create objects, etc., then We'll be ready to destroy some aliens. Wink

I will have the official list of needed assets up shortly on Google docs, and the game design layout on DropMind. I have one artist already on the player stuff, including the player animations, and another artist who is interested as well. I'll need help with other alien-based structures/objects (an ancient race long wipe out by their own tech [life like androids made of nano-bots]).

Looking forward to your reply! I can promise this will be fun and addictive to play.

(online portfolio or a sample of your work [as images] is required; all artists who do well will be offered full time work when the game goes live and any money is made from it)

FYI: Tasks will be assigned using Teambox, which will be also associated with Google docs to help facilitate a remote online team structure. Tasks for 3D art will be assigned based on strengths observed based on art portfolios.