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HeroCloud MMORPG based on UO - Team Members needed

Posted: August 06, 2011
Our is based on a desire to play something that has been lost in the MMORPG market by a couple of friends who not only want to make a game, but want the opportunity to play something as they deem should be developed. It is a concept strongly based on Ultima Online, providing a hardcore sandbox environment, where the players themselves shape the world around them, by player run massive PVP battles for territory, and resources, which will shape the economy of the world.

We are working on the free HeroBlade license, where they provide server infrastructure in exchange for 30% royalties, which will allow us to develop at no cost using the HeroEngine.

Team is assembling and we are still working on the game design document, which could use additional feedback from any additional members. Currently we have 3 programmers at our disposal, one of them having AAA industry experience, having worked at Slipgate Ironworks on the John Romero untitled MMO project. We are capable and are determined to setup a working protype in 9-12 months time in order to secure investors for a potential commercial venture. If it doesn't work out, we should have at least a prototype to add to our portfolio. We all have day jobs as developers, so obviously we expect work to be done on your free time, as we will do it. We plan to meet at least twice a week to discuss milestones and initially to finish up the game design, which has already started.

If you are a character modeller, environment artist, texture artist, or feel you can contribute in any other way, please e-mail me at sergio (at) evolvesolutions (dot) com (dot)br. Feel free to e-mail me if you want more details on our expectations for this project and to know more details on what we currently have planned in terms of game design.

Thanks for the attention, and hope to hear from anyone interested