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How do I render very large images in Maya?

Posted: July 29, 2011
Hi, I'm new to this forum and need some urgent help!

Does anyone know how to render out really large single frame images in Maya 2010? I'm sure it's called something like Render Tile. This renders the frame into lots of segments which can be stuck back together in Photoshop. The image I need to render is about 2m x 2m at 300 dpi poster.

I have rendered images at 13000x13000px before with normal batch render, but I think the scene I'm working on now is going to cause issues as it's quite complicated with a large amount of polygons. I'm trying to render using Maya Software and raytracing.

I have seen a few people talking about using Mel script to achieve the render tile, but I just can't seem to get it to work. e.g.

render -r mr -reg 1 1499 1 999 -im part1 F:\My-docs\maya\projects\QQR\scenes\Warehouse\scene.mb
render -r mr -reg 1500 2999 1 999 -im part2 F:\My-docs\maya\projects\QQR\scenes\Warehouse\scene.mb
render -r mr -reg 1 1499 1000 1999 -im part2 F:\My-docs\maya\projects\QQR\scenes\Warehouse\scene.mb
render -r mr -reg 1500 2999 1000 1999 -im part2 F:\My-docs\maya\projects\QQR\scenes\Warehouse\scene.mb

I get the following error when running this in Script Editor:

// Error: render -r mr -reg 1 1499 1 999 -im part1 F:\My-docs\maya\projects\QQR\scenes\Warehouse\scene.mb
// Error: Syntax error //

Can someone explain step by step exactly how to do this. I haven't used Mel script before, so I'm not even sure I'm placing the script in the correct location!

Many thanks.

Posted: December 12, 2012
render rocket
You should look into trying Region Rendering, for large single frames in Maya. Running them as a region render, through a render farm, will save you a significant amount of time. I've attached a link that will be helpful in setting that up. support.renderrocket(dot)com/entries/20592916-region-rendering-with-maya