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Creating 3D Point Clouds

Posted: July 24, 2011
New to the 3D world, so please forgive a very rudimentary question -- I have some 3D images in 3DMax Pro and Autocad, and I'm trying to create Point Clouds. I don't see any options in these software packages to do that. I see a lot of options to create point clouds using images from a camera, but I'm trying to create point clouds of planes, animals, cars, etc that I currently have in 3DMax. I'm getting ready to acquire a laser machine that can burn images in 3D in the middle of a block of crystal, but the images have to go into the laser control software as a point cloud. the point cloud file has to have a .DXF or .CAD suffix. I'm hoping that there's an option in 3DMax that I'm missing, but I'm probably not lucky enough for that to be the case!
Any help, guidance, or resources greatly appreciated!
Posted: August 26, 2011
In 3dsmax 2011 click on the icon in the top left pick Export. At the bottom of the dialogue box pick dxf from the Save as file drop down menu.