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Dark Future Project looking for artists

Posted: July 07, 2011
Team name:
Game Addict Developers Team

Project name:
Dark Future

Brief description:
An extreme natural catastrophe happened and our world suffers severe changes! Full continents have been submersed and millions of people have died. The world become no more than a few isolated islands populated with the survivors of that major disaster. The present situation is chaotic! The only things that live on those islands are hunger, fear, violent behavior, cruelty, war only the stronger can make the difference and assume the control of the new civilization! The player begins on one of those remaining islands the central city of violence and organized gangs! The
only way to be successful on your missions is to raise your overall skills to the limit - Fighting and Working. These fighting skills will grant you the chance to be a superior fighter in any kind of battle field and with all kind of weapons. And these working skills will provide you for example, the capacity to do your own weapons using the Island resources. But gladly the starting isn't the only place for action, there are many other surrounding islands to explore and each island has a natural resource that don't exist in no other place. So the player is obliged to visit all the islands to conquer all the available resources. To travel from island to island, the player needs to acquire sufficient fame and sufficient money to buy a passport. Fame is earned by being skilled.

Be a battle freak or a work fanatic and everybody will now of your existence! Prepar yourself for great missions. Well, isn't this the craziest world or what? We expect great things from this game, hope you like it!

Non payed project


Im using some libraries because OGRE3D its only a graphical engine.
The following libraries are used:

- Ogrenewt(Physics)
- CEGUI(gui)
- MySQL++(database)
- OIS(input)

Modeling Tools:

3D Studio Max

Exporting Tools:

OgreMax Free Edition

Talent needed:

3D Character Animator/3D Character Modeller/3D Level Modeller/Texture Artist

Team structure:

Concept Artists

Alex Stead
Andre Fonseca
Anssi Ahola
April Martin
Chris Le
Fernando Ferreiro
G man
Manish Joshi
Mehrdad Isvandi

Texture Artists


3D Modelers

Marian Poiana

In construction

It seems I can't post them here, reply to this post and i send you the contacts.

Work Already Made:

I can't post the youtube videos we have.

Previous Work by Team:

Additional Info:
The Dark Future team is composed by game enthusiasts that share the same will to take part in the creation of one original good PC game and also have a good learning experience in that process.
We have many hopes that this project will open doors in the production of many other games.
Believe that in this team, having good ideas is not the issue!
The Dark Future Project is an ambitious project and is looking for talented people to help us making this game!
We want those passionate gamers that like us, always have wanted to do their own PC game and want to give their contribution to this project just for the fun of it!
So the Game Addict Developers Team is recruiting anyone that wants to participate.


All the concepts, documentation and tools will be provided after accepting the job.


We are waiting for you!

Thanks in advance.

Miguel Cardoso