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Posted: July 07, 2011
I think people use maya software a lot for animation.. I think
Posted: November 22, 2011
3d artist gallery Surplu
Of course, Maya is awesome for animation. But a lot of people also use 3DS Max, depends what you're comfortable with.
Posted: November 23, 2011
I use max for animation Smile But I have to agree that many studios use Maya for that.
Posted: February 12, 2012
its either maya or XSI that are the major animation tools
Posted: February 21, 2012
A software could be better than the others in one thing, but that doesn't mean that it is the best. There are things that Maya is better at, but their are also things that Max handles better. Like for instance, Maya is more chosen for its character animation and dynamics capabilities and Max is more preferred by engineers and architects for its precise measuring capabilities.

Every software has its potential buyers where it may also allow them to do more than what it was actually meant for. It is the users choice to choose the appropriate animation package based on his own skills that he is good at to begin with.

But it is also true that the software companies are not openly discussing a software's weaknesses for marketing gains.

By the way there is a good news for Maya users:
There is a plugin called "Oceansplash for Maya". This plugin builds splash engine for the selected object or character. The engines does a good job of producing awesome splashes when ever the object interacts with Maya ocean.

Have a nice day!
Posted: February 28, 2012
everyone uses what softwares they know best, so the best software is the software that you know the best...
don't think that people use maya the most
Posted: August 07, 2012
Which package is used more in the animation industry?

Posted: August 23, 2012
jessica1990 wrote:
Which package is used more in the animation industry?


Maya is used , it is best for animation