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3d character modeller/texturing

Posted: June 23, 2011
tmm is looking for 3d character modeller/texturing

Starting Date: a.s.a.p., duration - unknown

Job details: Tmm is a group of people who are creating a game in there free time. but with lack of active 3d character modellers we need to find a new 3d modeller. were searching for a experienced 3d modeller that can make high quality 3d character models (and optional ,weapons, texture, vehicle\'s and maps).
the actual game will be writtin in UnrealScript, and processed in the unreal editor.

this is NOT a payed job, this is for fun, but still a serious project.

Requirements: -u just need to be able to model in anny 3d program that can be exported to 3dsmax or maya. (prefered is zbrush but this is not a must)

-work ACTIVE on the game so the scripter and the others working on the project can continue his work.

-having an e-mail adres or instant messenger adres is a must.

-english or dutch.

-a working internet connection.

Location: no real location, the biggest part of the people working on it are living in the Netherlands but this is not a requirement.

mail a application if u would like to apply for the job.
u will be tested on your skills with a 2d to 3d modelling test.

Contact info:
email - Havirs@hotmail.com
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