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An advertising oppertunity for artists and art teams

Posted: May 21, 2011
I havn't been a very active member of your community and I don't believe I've posted here before so I'd just like to introduce myself, I'm the current manager and lead programmer of the Illinc Project. This project is an attempt by myself and a small but growing group of developers to create a scalable online game with real-time combat without working capital and integrating a number of unique features.

We've gotten quite far in the few month's we've been working on this project and we've started think seriously about how we plan to introduce a large amount of content into our game, currently we just don't have the resources to quickly create all the items we hope to have in the final game, so in light of that I'm extending an idea our this this community, this isn't this first forum I've posted on, the following is a copy of my other post.

Our game Illinc will feature purchased items that are manufactured by specific companies. Players will know what to expect from guns made by one company and it's advantages and faults compared to a similar item made by another company. Recently I've been kicking around an idea related to this that may interest some of the artists or art teams looking for new ways to advertise.

Basically I'd like 3d artists to be able to create items in the game, and set themselves up as a company in the game. The benefits of such would be advertising (in the name of your company, advertising space in each item's description, Storefronts that would have "billboard" areas you can use (the size of the shop and thus the advertising space being dependent on how many items you've made).

There is also the chance for a royalty system, basically for every digital purchase of your items you will get a percentage of the weeks profits (the amount accumulating for one week at a time).

There are still many things to be worked out concerning this idea, such as the nature of placing the models/animations ect. and uploading the advertisements, if this idea works out I'll code a simple program that will connect to the global remote version of the game and distribute changes via a weekly patch, but for the first phases of the game art assets may need to be loaded in manually.

Right now what we'd need from any artists or art groups who want to participate is a simple logo for their company and if possible one static item that will represent the main group of items they wish to make (guns, close range weapons, armor, flightpacks, vehicles, consumables, ect.)

Note that in the early stages of the game all the practical values will be set by the development team based on the price of the item and other factors (to assure companies don't break the game by offering an extremely powerful weapon at extremely low prices) Later on the application set up for this purpose will calculate the value of an item based on the defining factors (ie - power and rate of fire for a gun or maximum fuel for a flightpack).

There's quite a bit more to this but I don't want to over extend this post, if you find the idea interesting please contact me.

Also a bit of a revision here, in order to maintain balance and uniformity, in-game companies would have a regulatory system that would decide what the value of an item would be based on it's stats which can be set by your company or by our team if you'd like.

That you for going through this nice wall of text, I hope you consider working with our team.

Contact Information:
Skype: Goldbott

I tried to post others but I've been informed that I need 15 posts to do so, I'll be checking this forum often so you can also PM me.