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Looking for a 3D animator 45s to 1 mn movie

Posted: May 21, 2011
Not Maurice
Hello all

Iím the owner / creative director of an advertising studio based in Los Angeles.

Iím looking for a 3D artist/animator to create a 45 seconds to 1 minute movie for the intro of our new website. Iím working on the storyboard and Iíll be looking very soon, for someone to animate it in 3D. The animation will be representing street scenes with buildings, peoples, vehicles Ö couple building and store interiors. It is almost the same feeling than in the ďGeico blueprintĒ animation.

Nothing really complicated, if I may say, no special effects as special texturing, smoke, water or reflections. The rendering will also pretty basic, as it will be done in grayscale only.

Budget, well I have a budget Ö not as great as I would like, but I have a budget
Letís talk about it when weíll get on it

If you are interested, contact me
Posted: July 22, 2011
I might be able to help. What is the work load like or what all is needing to be created in 3d for this project?