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3D characters, scenes, etc, custom 3d services

Posted: May 19, 2011
According to the team to the user's conditions, provide low-cost and high quality custom 3d services.

Please provide us with the following info to enable us respond appropriately to your request:
1.A reference photo/image/sketch/artwork of what you want?
2.Do you want it in low poly or high poly/ high resolution?
3.What file format do you need it in (for example, 3dsmax,fbx, maya, etc)?
4.What is you budget (that is, how much do you have available for this project)?

a simple, well-referenced model can often be completed for as little as $100. More complex models can cost about $1,000+.

We look forward to happy and successful cooperation between us.
Very Happy


5gOdI.jpg 5AXR7.jpg 6Jz3v.jpg