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please help!!!

Posted: May 17, 2011
Hey everyone, I am a student from the Southern Institute of Technology. I am currently in my final year of bachelor in Digital Media (majoring in animation) and as a part of the course have undertaken a research project. My research topic is to do with the frequent updates of animation software’s.

Knowing that all of you in some form or another hold great knowledge in this field, I was hoping that you would be kind enough to just take out a few minutes and provide assistance to my research by filling in a questionnaire.

Your help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanking in anticipation

Your sincerely

Sargam Saxena

Thank you for taking the time out and involving yourself with this project. The main aim of this research project is to find out the impact rapid updating of software has on the industry. It endeavors to look into whether these updates are really necessary or not. The researcher aspires to find out through this research whether the updates are in the favor of the industry or not. On completing the questionnaire the participant will automatically be giving consent to use the information provided by them. However the information will only be used for analyzing and forming a result for the proposed aim. The data will only be available to the researcher and the supervisors who will be marking the research. The names of the participants will be however at all times kept anonymous.


1. How long have you been working?

__1-5 years __ 6-10 years __10 years and above

2. How often after you started working was newer versions of software released?

__ Once every year __Once every 2 years __3 years or more

3a. How often did the workplace upgrade the software?

__ Once every year __Once every 2 years __ According to their needs (refer to 3b)

3b. Please give the time gap between the last 2 updates _____

4a. Do you feel the frequency of the upgrades is about right?

__ Yes __No

4b. What are your views about the rate at which the software are updated?

5. What animation software have you been working with?

__ Maya __3DMax __Lightwave __Others

Please specify the name _________

6a. Are upgrades good value for money?

__ Yes __No __Sometimes

6b. Please specify why?

7a. Does each upgrade contain more new features or bug fixes?

____ New features ____Bug fixes ___Both

7b. What are your views about that?

8a. Does the software company listen to your needs?

___ Yes ___No

8b. If yes, then does the next update have what you require?

___ Yes ___No

9a. Were there any major differences between the old and the new version of the software?

___ Yes ___No

9b. If no, then was the upgrade required?

___ Yes ___No

10. Is there anything else you wish to add?

For further information or any queries about the project please feel free to contact

Sargam Saxena (Student) or Dr Sally Bodkin-Allen (Supervisor)

Bachelor of Digital Media Bachelor of Contemporary Music and Audio Production

Southern Institute of Technology Southern Institute of Technology

Ph - Ph (03) 2112699 ext 3316

Email: sargam.saxena@sit.ac.nz Email: sally.bodkin-allen@sit.ac.nz