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[MMO] Moonhorn

Posted: May 15, 2011
Hi, I am a game engine programmer, I have nearly 4 years experience in the field. I have been working on a MMORPG engine for over a year now and it is going pretty well. Perhaps the best feature about it is that it has been designed to prevent people from hacking and cheating. A lot of research has been put into this. For example the collision and movement simulation is done on the server as well as attacks. Its not possible to use speed hacks like some other games of this genre.

The game itself will be a fast paced action RPG with no targeting system. (Free swing of the sword). It will be fantasy, but believable fantasy, no weird sci fi or elfs. The idea of an outdoor world which has been ravaged with plague has been suggested. I am not planning any advanced features, except great gameplay and all the usual (low budget. Not wow!) MMORPG stuff.

I plan on operating on a micro-transaction model with a free to play client. Any work you do can be used for your portfolio. Profits will be split according to whoever did what work. Judged by an external solicitor.

Currently there is a programmer and a foreground environment artist on the team. Ideally we need an background enviro-artist, a character artist/rigger (engine supports mocap) and a 2D/Texture/GUI artist. Or one person can do some of these things combined.

We hope to find some long term partners, and we could think about forming a small company together. The payoff could be big.

Finaly I want to show a small video of the current progress on the engine. Its very alpha phase, and the shaders will get replaced soon by commercial looking shaders. There is no shadows yet either.

Pls PM me if your interested. Moonhorn is a working name also, not final.

put youtube ur-l in front of this: