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Star Trek Web-based Fan Series looking for Remote 3D modeler

Posted: May 10, 2011
A Star Trek Fan-based web series is being developed in Las Vegas/Boulder City, NV. This web series is based on the original series (TOS) after the return of the Starship Enterprise's (NCC-1701) 5-year mission and before Star Trek: The Motion Picture (Movie 1, 1979).

The script has been written for several episodes and the cast is set and filming is in a few weeks for the pilot episode.

Modelling needed:
1. From a drawing, a warrior space ship. Will be used as hi-res version at conclusion of scene and flying strafe attack. Will send PDF. (not a great drawing... But is open for discussion in the creation process. Will share copyright if necessary).
2. From an existing model, create a destroyed version. Will be used for camera roll and pan shot.
3. Assistance with existing castle model for interior shots. (green screen).

I am looking for avid (not AVID) Trekkies and those who aren't to help develop this project going forward. This request is similar to another Florida Group that has the resources from D.A.V.I.D. and wish to be up to that standard.

I am the VFX Supervisor and will spearhead all contact with the individuals and the production. I will also be the compositor and additional visual effects artist.

This is a work of love... and we cannot offer pay. But any complete (meaning Final) submittal will receive full credit as artist, animator... etc. in the series credits, IMDB entry, and on approval the content you create will be allowed as Reel material.

Most of the models that we are using exist in one form or another. We need to develop a new enemy ship. Initial sketches are developed... and are still open for interpretation.

Please reply if interested...


(preferred tools... Maya, 3d Studio, Blender, Lightwave, etc.)