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Science Fiction short film (already filmmed, just need 3D!)

Posted: May 05, 2011
Hi! Im from Spain (Europe) and i filmmed a science fiction short film (with RedOne, i mean, the image is huuuuuge and it's got quality, its not like a cheap HD handicam short). The problem is we didn't have enough money to make it look cool, so we need now to put some 3D on it (like replacing a gun, a helmet… you can do only one thing, its not necessary for you to go bananas and make it all).

Its 7 minutes long and there are only 2 characters, the background its mostly white (it would be cool to change it to something more "futuristic").

Theres no money now to pay you, but we are on our way to get some. I cant ensure anything but its a possibility (you were going to do it for free, so… if theres money in a near future… congrats! Razz).

So if you are interested in colaborating, message me or leave a reply!