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Character animator for Poser CG Video Art Piece

Posted: April 17, 2011
Job details: I am looking for a Character animator who has experience with Poser for a video art piece. The video art piece will be on display in art galleries and on multiple online magazines. The animator will be responsible for about 30-40 seconds of animation. I am willing to discuss payments, and the animators will be fully credited on my website. You can see an example of my art at the bottom of this post.

-I will need to see a reel of animation showing your technical skills animating in Poser. You can email you videos or links to them online (youtube, vimeo, etc).

- I would prefer a Mac user working with the latest version of Poser (ideally Poser pro 2010).

- You must be able to do advanced full body character animations. I am unfamiliar with, but would be open to using motion capture mocap files.

- Ideally you could work from home, and we could discuss the project over Skype or on the phone.

Location: Brooklyn, New York, USA.