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Experienced 3d Artists for hire

Posted: April 15, 2011
If you are a CG studio and need cost effective staff or just want to expand your team then it should be interesting for you!

About Us: We are a solid professional team made of experienced 3D Artists looking for interesting projects in game environment and character creation, animation for games and television. Although we are looking for long term relations and reliable services sellers to work with, we will be happy to take single small jobs from indie developers! Please visit our website for more information and examples: 3dgarden(dot)org

Our main services include :
-Concepting (scetching, script writing, storyboarding);
-Modeling(Low poly, high poly, for 3d printing, sculpting)
-Texturing(Uv Mapping, Normal Bump, shader burning to texture, photo projection)
-Model setup(game and video production rig, skinning)
-Animation(cartoon or realistic animation for game and video production)
-Post production (digital compositing, 3d integration, Motion Effects, Rotoscoping, Keying, Color Correction, Tracking)
-Sound(effects and voice over)

Advantages you get:
- Depending on your needs you can hire only one or up to 10+ artists from our team.
- Our affordable prices, your economy on social packages and other administrative resources will make your bussines cost effective.
- We work on preliminary estimates and on per hour basis as well. So you can choose what works better for you.
- Our experienced CG instructors will quickly adapt team to your pipeline and technologies or develop new.
- You get involved and self-motivated people tending to boost their professional level. And we do our best to make remote cooperation easy and comfortable for you.

If you decided to use our service, but still have doubts, we are ready to make free tests!

We are open to your suggestions and will kindly answer any your questions! goto(at)3dgarden(dot)org Thank you!

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